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Welcome to Brazil with LOCOMOTIVA - BAP

LOCOMOTIVA – BAP is a branch of LOCOMOTIVA that provides Business Assistance to foreign Companies and Citizens who are interested in making business in Brazil.

Below we present a brief of the jobs performed by LOCOMOTIVA – BAP


Market Study / Market Overview

The Obstacles

You want to begin operating in Brazil, but you do not know much about the business climate. What is the general economic situation? What are the important economic trends? Are there any political risks? How is your industry doing? How is it structured? Who will be your big competitors?

Our Solution

Our in-depth and tailored industry knowledge will provide you with information about Brazil’s economic outlook including export and import numbers. More importantly, it will analyze your industry, elaborating on its structure, evolution, and heath. It will also identify key competitors and customers. As a result, you will be better able to tailor your products or services and select the best market-entry strategy (Greenfield, partnership, etc.)

Before we start, we will clarify your particular needs with a written questionnaire and/or a conference call.

Ongoing Businesses

Business improvement

You already have your products marketed in the Brazilian market and want to improve you market share participation, supporting distributors or even starting your own subsidiary in Brazil. But this is a different Country with a different culture, so what to do?

Our Solution

We can help you developing P.O.P. material if you are a wholesaler and want your distributor to have a better approach to the customers, but if are in the industrial business, we can help you with the translation to the Brazilian Portuguese language with the more appropriated technical terms and preparing the best communication means to your potential customers.

We can also prepare a business plan for your products based on the information you will provide us.

All business activities will be kept under strict secret, by signing an agreement of confidentiality.

Business Partner Search

You are searching for sales partners, cooperation partners or end customers? We provide you with an individual business partner search in order to find the most suitable business partners based on your specific criteria in Brazil.

Our service comprises four different modules building upon each other, but can be selected based on your needs.

Business Partner Search

  • After discussing your goals and criteria, we will compile a list of potential business partners and confirm their contact details over the phone.

Business Mailing

  • We will help you to draft an approach letter that is tailored to the local market.

  • We will then email our mail your promotional materials to the identified companies.


Follow-Up Services

  • We will contact the companies we contacted on your behalf to get their feedback.

  • We will collect and organize their feedback and write profiles on the companies that are interested in meeting.

  • We will also write a final report that includes general economic data and information about relevant tradeshows, trade publications, unions and associations.

Complementary Services

Travel planning

  • Scheduling and coordinating appointments with interested businesses

  • Making Hotel reservations

  • Booking domestic flights

    Due diligence

  • Working in conjunction with other professional firms, we will gather the desired financial and credit information, as well as all you need to know about the Taxes and duties and Human Resourses.

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