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LOCOMOTIVA – BAP is a branch of LOCOMOTIVA that provides Business Assistance and acts as Sales Representative Agent to foreign Companies who are interested in making business in Brazil.


Below we present  how we put our efforts on selling:

Sales Representative

Our goal as sales representative agent is to become a long-term strategic partner and solutions provider.

We are aware that these categories support our job in ways that maximize our performance for each type of sale. The skill sets required to manage each type of opportunity may overlap, but they are substantially different. Therefore, our sales forces redefine the roles to best service the portfolio customers represent. This means our sales team is more allowed to function like account managers.

We understand that is our task to remain front and center in customers’ minds, have their full confidence, anticipate their needs, and be there when those needs arise and then assure the repurchase of the Vendor’s product we represent. By doing this, we are able to meet customers’ specifications for features, delivery, and price.

Because ongoing service typically adds great value to product purchases, it is usually the vendor’s service organization, rather than the sales rep, that is critical in securing repurchases. But, we understand that this is not feasible for Companies in the overseas to attend the customer needs properly, which makes difficult to Vendors abroad to leverage service to support sales in Brazil. This leads the Vendor to the need of having a reliable sales rep with a deep technical background. TWN expertise in developing projects and equipments for Material Handling applications qualifies our team to be your best partner to carry out this job.

In addition to increasing the service organization’s overall involvement in selling efforts, TWN-BAP will establish a dedicated in-house sales support team to serve as the contact point for customers in repurchases relationships. Our team will keep abreast of customers’ repurchasing needs by performing such tasks as responding to requests for quotations (RFQ) and customer inquiries on pending RFQs. These support activities free our salesmen to focus on higher-level sales efforts that can help secure purchases and repurchases.


Our portfolio approach divides potential sales opportunities into four categories:





The product range of equipments we look for to represent is:

Material Handling on Ports

Railways and Subways


Energy supply

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